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EOLJJANG MOMJJANG skin care shop

Skin care is the brand! 

EOLJJANG MOMJJANG beauty club is South Korea's largest beauty franchise company which was foundedin in 2004 in Korea, and holds 70 franchisees in Korea(40 in Seoul) and 30 franchisees in China.


EOLJJANG MOMJJANG beauty club founded initially Narest beauty academy, and later six direct management beauty academy in Busan, Cheongnyangni, Bucheon, etc. We nurture person of beauty talent in the academy, and support franchisees with an education system.


As mentioned in the copy ""skin care is a brand"" based on a self-developed cosmetics, patented beauty equipment, many years of know-how and research, a newly developed cosmetic techniques, while maintaining advanced beauty shop image and professional management and services, EOLJJANG MOMJJANG beauty club provide a high-quality service to our customers at a reasonable price.


With the idea of ""skin care is a brand ", EOLJJANG MOMJJANG beauty club were successful in entering China in 2011, and currently has a number of franchisees. Korean advanced beauty technology and cosmetics, and patented beauty equipment allow the Chinese customers to meet South Korea's high-quality cosmetic services in China.

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